Dear Mr. Bonanno,

I just finished your survey but wanted to add more comments about the wonderful service your company offered me these past few months. It's hard to say so many great things about your people and their services without sounding like a gushing fool! Everyone at your company was quickly responsive, always available, kind, considerate, efficient, helpful, friendly, above and beyond what I ever expected. It was a long process with difficulty from the insurance company, but your people helped me calmly and generously throughout the whole ordeal. Dwayne is a fantastic manager...he is THE GREATEST ever. Jeremy is also wonderful and THE GREATEST. Melinda, once again, the GREATEST!!! Then, there were the rest of ALL the people who were here doing their jobs so perfectly. All the very best workers. Everyone who was recommended to me as part of the work was top quality. I never worried about who was coming in or out of my house. Everyone went out of their way to be helpful. Please know that you have the best workers with the best work ethics ever!!! I am very, very grateful for Fire Service and EACH PERSON who played a role in getting things remediated and repaired. My house is almost back to normal now. I hope to never have to use Fire Service again due to any kind of disaster, but if I do, I know you all will be there waiting to help! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And my love to everyone.

A very satisfied and APPRECIATIVE customer,

Jean K.

The Greatest - Jean K.

Hi Jamey,

I wanted to thank you again for the Superior job Fireservice has provided to us. Our Owners are so very grateful for the quick response and professional follow up we have and are receiving. Please pass along our appreciation to Chris, Adam, and all the guys. They are the Best!

And, on a personal note to you Jamey, I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you. You have provided me with a great sense of security that anytime I need your company’s services – you come through immediately. I truly appreciate your professionalism, work ethic and caring nature.

Thanks again ..


Pat Goudy, CAM General Manager

“…provided me with a great sense of security.” – Pat Goudy, CAM

Thank you!  You guys were awesome.  Very professional - a big job with minimal disruption.  Thank you so much.

Bonnie O.

"Very professional..." - Bonnie O.

I wanted to thank you so much for all your assistance and patience throughout our condo repair project over the past several weeks... we were so happy this worked out and everything was done to the very best standards – our home is back to its beautiful condition… thanks to you & Dwayne and your entire team!  It was great working with you and we will definitely recommend Fireservice if we have the opportunity in the future.
Thanks again... & please pass our appreciation along to Dwayne and your team!
Nacy B.

"... our home is back to its beautiful condition" - Nancy B.

Dear Mr. D. Bonanno,

I just had to write this letter to you! Very sadly after we just finished all the repairs on our New York home after SIX and a HALF feet of water from hurricane Sandy we were hit with a flood in our condo here in Naples, Florida. The flood was due to a repairman going into an attic above us and stepping on the main sprinkler line! We were so overwhelmed.

Within an hour of the event the fire department and FIRESERVICE arrived. Your team arrived and the gentlemen who arrived saw me literally breaking down in tears and so overwhelmed!  They could not have been kinder!! They assured me all would be restored so much so that I would not even know anything happened! They were soooooo sweet and compassionate! Every room was flooded! They immediately took action and worked their tails off for us!!!

I thought that was so amazing and then I met Jesse! I pleaded with Jesse to get this done by January. I explained my husbands illness and all of the challenges we were presented with. Jesse took over the project like a champion race horse!!! This gem answered EVERY single call no matter when I called, no matter what day or what time!!! There were times I was calling just to leave a message on a weekend evening and he answered the phone!!!  Who does that????

Jesse worked long and hard to complete our project and did it with patience, diligence, commitment and most importantly respect.  He is truly a man of his word!

We just had to let you know what you probably already know. You have GEMS working and representing your fine company. This was quite a team of true professionals who really care!! I hope you are very proud of your team!

I thank you and I cannot thank them enough!

Blessings to you and your staff!!!


Denise A. W.

"... true professionals who really care!!" - Denise A. W.

I was very impressed with the quality of service provided by Fireservice. I was in Michigan when my condo flooded and by the time I arrived in Florida, they had it back in shape.

They were very good about keeping me updated on their progress and easy to work with. They are a quality company with quality people.


"very impressed" - Ann from Michigan

Hi Jesse,

We want to thank you and everyone who worked on our condo in Naples. You and your crew made a very difficult situation for us go very smooth.

Everything was done very professionally. The painting looks great. You sent us many samples of rug and gave us time to choose the right one. Everything was put back in the right place. We can go on and on about how nice everyone was to work with. Being here in Ct. you kept in touch with us about what was happening. It was reassuring.

Again we say " thank you" to all who worked there for taking good care of our condo. We would highly recommend Fireservice,Inc..


Joe & Shirley

"...your crew made a very difficult situation for us go very smooth" - Joe and Shirley

We had as water line break in our cement slab causing extensive damage to floor tile, carpet and interior walls. Our claims adjuster recommended we call Fireservice to extract the water, which we did and Fireservice was at our home within the hour.

We were so impressed with the service provided for the cleanup, we used Fireservice for installing new baseboards, painting the baseboards and painting about 80% of the interior of the house.

As the principal owner of a large insurance agency in Ohio, I do know excellent claims service when I see it and Fireservice provided excellent service at a very fair price.


"...Fireservice was at our home within the hour" - J.L.

I can not adequately express the satisfaction my wife, Carolyn, and I felt upon arriving at our Florida condo. Not only were all of the repairs done in a timely fashion, but the level of cleanliness, professional workmanship and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations.

Your company is to be commended on a job well done. I would be remiss not to point out the exceptional service we received from your entire organization, but must single out Dwayne Taylor and Jeremy for their remarkable efforts.

These two gentlemen demonstrated professionalism in every aspect of the project and kept in constant contact with me the entire time. I never had to leave my Ohio home, because I was confident that the Florida home was being properly handled.

What a relief it was to see the final product! Please take a moment to recognize the efforts of Dwayne and Jeremy and all of the rest of your crew. Carolyn and I are ever so grateful we used Fireservice and would certainly recommend your services to others.


Thaddeus & Carolyn K.

"...attention to detail far exceeded our expectations" - Thaddeus & Carolyn K.

We are writing this letter to let you know of our COMPLETE satisfaction of your company team members who saw us through the flooding incident.  Namely, Eric & Dan who arrived here every morning at 7:30 on the nose! Your team came in and immediately went to work coordinating everything that needed to be done including meeting with our insurance rep here at our home. The seamless effort between all involved:  Eric, Dan, Tom and Carroll (office) was nothing short of amazing. We cannot express our gratitude enough toward Fireservice during such a stressful time in our lives. In closing, even as the dust has settled, we feel even stronger about your team and would highly recommend Fireservice Disaster Kleenup. Sincerely yours,

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S.
Fort Myers, FL

"Your team came in and immediately went to work" - Mr. & Mrs. Richard S.

I was totally satisfied with Chris Roessner and his crew. They were all so professional and courteous and finished within my deadline. Thanks Chris and Fireservice!

Mrs. Dobbs

"...finished within my deadline" - Mrs. Dobbs