Fire Damage Restoration Service – Living Room Demonstration

Live Fire Burn 017

Fire Damage Restoration Service

More than 50 Southwest Florida insurance agents and adjusters attended a training event hosted by Fireservice, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, and the Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network

This event provide two hours of free continuing education credits from fire damage restoration service.  But, more importantly, attendees learned first hand about the importance of knowing how quickly a fire spreads.

“What most people didn’t know until this demonstration is that a fire doubles every thirty seconds”, said Greg Frith of Fireservice.  If a fire can’t be extinguished in the first minute or two, then the chances of getting out of the building safely begin to rapidly diminish.  It’s very important to be prepared to leave a burning room before it becomes a life threatening situation.

At the conclusion of the event, firefighters were on hand to assist with a demonstration of how quickly a small fire can spread and reach flash over temperatures greater than 1,300 degrees!