Yes! You Can Rebuild Your Home After Damage

After you have suffered through a disaster you still need to suffer through the sinking feeling that you need to rebuild your home again. Rooftop damage, electrical damage and damage to flooring can all be caused in an instant – and how can you possibly know where to start with the repairs.

Thankfully, it is possible to rebuild your home after a disaster – as long as you have the right team. In this post we’re going to tell you how you can rebuild your home after damage and that doing so is not as difficult as you might think!

What Do You Do When Your Home Is Damaged?Yes You Can Rebuild Your Home After Damage

When you first see the extent of the damage on your home it can be very easy to just want to lock yourself in a room and cry! But the best thing to do is get straight onto people with the experience to help you assess the damage on your home and help you fix it. Once you know what needs fixing you can start to arrange for an experienced team to start to rebuild your home.

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup are an experienced team who can work on roofing, plumbing, air conditioning and so much more. Check out the Rebuild section of our website for more. You can call any time of the day, any day of the week to inquire about a quote.

How Do You Arrange With Insurance?

One of the toughest (but most important) steps is filing a claim with your insurers. You want to do this as quickly as possible because most insurance companies require you file your claim within a specified time period. This is the case even if you have been caught up in a major disaster, so don’t delay – get your claim filed today.

Before you arrange for anyone to come out and start cleaning up any of your home, take photos of the damage. This can be important if the insurance company dispute anything with your claim and is good practise if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Make sure that the kind of damage that you are claiming for is covered by your policy. Some policies will not cover you for flood damage – if you think you may be hit by a flood, you need to get some kind of flood insurance in place.


Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do when you are struck by a disaster – and calling the insurance might not be the first thing on your mind! But if you make that call as quickly as possible then get someone out to help you understand how you can start to rebuild your home, you can get things back to normal again. Fireservice Disaster Kleenup are available 24/7, 365 days a year and are more than happy to assist you in getting your home back to the way it should be!

Images: DanrokWonderlane