Crime Scene Cleanup – It’s Important to Do It Right!

Most people don’t consider the impact of crime scene cleanup until their property becomes the scene of a crime. At this point it ends up becoming a huge rush to decide “what do we do” and to find out who is capable of carrying out the clean up.

Although it is something we don’t usually want to think about, it is important to be prepared in case a property you own is ever struck by crime. It is usually the responsibility of the victim of the crime who needs to arrange to clean everything up, as unfair as that sounds! In this situation you will need to quickly get the right people out who can carry out crime scene cleanup quickly, safely and efficiently.

It Can Be Dangerous If Not Done Correctly

Crime Scene Cleanup – It's Important to Do It Right!As part of the police investigation into any crime police forces will usually dust the area for fingerprints. It is important that after they do this you arrange someone to clean up the scene of the crime as soon as possible. It can be very difficult to properly remove all of the residue left behind from fingerprint powder, which is why you need professionals to remove it.

It is also likely that there will be a lot of hidden biohazards which you may not notice if you attempt the crime scene cleanup on your own. This is especially true in the case of violent crimes where there may be blood and bodily fluids left behind at the scene. Once dried, molecules can become airborne and attach to the fingerprint dust. This can be incredibly dangerous as these molecules may contain deadly bio-organisms which can be ingested.

For this reason you do not want to risk cleaning the scene yourself, it is much better to hire a professional crime scene cleanup team like Fireservice Disaster Kleenup.

It’s Not An Easy Job!

Getting your property back to the condition it was in before the crime took place is the ultimate goal for any home owner Crime Scene Cleanup – It's Important to Do It Right!who suffers a crime in their property. You will probably drive yourself crazy trying to get everything back into perfect condition if you try to do it yourself. So the question is not whether you should hire someone to restore everything to the way it was pre-crime, but who you should hire!

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup has over 40 years of experience in the area of crime scene cleanup. The portion of our website dedicated to Bio Hazardous Cleanup tells you more about our areas of expertise. If you need someone to restore your property back to the way it was before the crime took place then you should definitely give us a call.


When a crime takes place at any property you own then you will often feel aggrieved when you find out that you are responsible for the cleanup. You do not want to attempt to carry out the crime scene cleanup on your own!

If this happens to you then you need to pick up the phone and call a team with the expertise to safely clean up the crime scene. You can call Fireservice Disaster Kleenup whenever you need us – we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Why Biohazard Cleanup Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow

Biohazard cleanup is not something many people ever need to think about, but it will become incredibly important if you ever need it. If you end up in the awful position where you need biohazard cleanup in Fort Myers, Naples, Charlotte, and Sarasota Florida then you need to read this post.

As most people never need biohazard cleanup, they don’t realize how quickly they need to call someone out when they need it. But read on and you will see why biohazard cleanup can’t wait till tomorrow.

You Do Not Want to Touch Blood or Bodily Fluids!600px-Biohazard.svg

If you have blood or bodily fluids around, you do not want to risk touching it. There are lots of different health issues, such as HIV and hepatits C – which can be caught if you touch blood or bodily fluids.

In these circumstances you need to invite our professionals to your home immediately. Fireservice Disaster Kleenup has all of the equipment needed to clear everything up safely and efficiently. Pick the phone up as soon as you know you need biohazard cleanup services, we’re available right when you need us most – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Possible Forgotten Items

If a building needs to be cleaned up because of hoarding situations then you have to be very careful. There can be a lot of hazards hidden in stacks of belongings around the house. You do not want to risk putting your hand into hazards like needles which could accidentally pierce through your skin. It is best to get an experienced hand to deal with the potential hazards that can be found around the home.

Animal Waste Can Be Dangerous

640px-Animal-hoarding-of-rabbitsAnimal waste can be incredibly harmful to people who are exposed to it, for that reason it is important to clean it up immediately. Dogs are common carriers of many diseases, including Tapeworms and Campylobacteriosis. Some cats are known to carry a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii which is found in their waste and can spread a disease called toxoplasmosis.

If a home has been left for a while or if it is being cleaned up because of hoarding there could be animal waste all around the home. It is often not safe for people to clear up the home in case they are exposed to the animal waste. In these situations you need to get a professional out to your home with the right equipment to clear up the waste safely.


Whenever there is a situation which requires biohazard cleanup, it is important to get it done as quickly as possible. You do not want to risk exposing yourself, your friends or your family to the possible hazards around your home. Call a professional team out as soon as possible to deal with the biohazards quickly and safely. The professional team at Fireservice Disaster Kleenup are available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Call us today!

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