Essential Tips: How To Prevent a Fire At Home

Fires at home happen more often than we would like to think and the risk of a fire in your home is probably higher than you imagine. We don’t want to scare you by saying this, but by convincing ourselves that a fire is unlikely to happen we often get complacent. This is when we stop doing things which can prevent a fire at home and start doing things which ourselves more at risk.

In today’s post we’re going to look at the things you can do to ensure that you do as much as possible to prevent a fire at home.

1. Inspect Your House

Prevent a Fire at HomeIt’s likely that you will need to get somebody out with experience in electrics, gas or heating to fully inspect everything in your home. But by going through the home you can find areas which may be putting your home at risk of a fire. The gas and electrical system in your home are the two areas which are most likely to put you at risk. But your air conditioning and heating units can also cause you problems.

If you haven’t got any experience in these areas then hiring a professional to check them over is always wise if you want to prevent a fire at home.

2. Safe Use of Extension Cords

prevent a fireOne of the main issues with household items is the risk they cause when connected to an extension cord for a long period of time. These cords can often be easily damaged and if they do sustain damage they are very likely to lead to a fire. If you need to connect something to an extension for a long period of time, find a high quality cord which is unlikely to be easily damaged.

Certain equipment (like air conditioners) should never be connected to an extension cord. If the cord overheats it is like an out of control heater and can very easily cause a fire. Extension cords need to be used very carefully if you want to prevent a fire at home.

3. Safe Use of Electrical Goods.

prevent a fireNever leave your mobile phone plugged in overnight – certain devices have been known to start fires when left plugged in for a long period of time. Charging overnight also damages the battery inside the phone itself, most mobile phones only need a 2 hour charging cycle. Turn off as many electrical devices as possible before you go to bed as well.

Check power cords for all of your appliances – missing prongs on plugs and damaged insulation are two things you should look out for. Replace or repair any defective parts on your power cords.

Be careful with space heaters, make sure they have sufficient ventilation and keep any flammable materials as far away as possible from them. You also want to make sure they are well out of the way of any foot traffic in the room.

4. Cooking Safety

Prevent a Fire at HomeTry not to leave the kitchen when you are cooking, but if you must leave for a short period of time – turn off the oven. You can easily turn it all back on when you return to the kitchen. This may sound like it isn’t a big deal, but unattended cooking is actually one of the most common causes of house fires. Avoiding this risk is a great way to prevent a fire at home.

Never, ever cook when you have drank alcohol, used drugs or feel very tired. Eat a ready prepared sandwich or some fruit if you are very hungry. Many house fires have started when someone has started cooking a meal then fell asleep while the food is cooking. Do not put yourself in this situation, go to sleep and cook the food later when you are fully awake.

5. Be Safe With Day To Day Activities

Prevent a Fire at HomeNever sit or lie down when you are smoking, especially if you are tired. Many fires start because someone lights up a cigarette and then falls asleep dropping the cigarettes onto a flammable material. Always smoke stood up, preferably outside in an area where you can safely put out a cigarette.

Any candles should be placed inside a frame with a wire cage which should prevent anything falling onto the flame. It also protects children and animals from hurting themselves by touching the flame. Always put out the flame when you leave the room and relight it when you return. If you use a match to light the candles (or anything else) run it under water to extinguish any invisible flame which could set fire to your trash can.


Many of these tips may seem like common knowledge – but do you already follow them every day? If you do not then ensure that you start to follow each of them religiously. This should ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at any higher risk of a fire than you need to be.

Unfortunately, even the most well prepared person cannot ensure with 100% certainty that a fire will never happen in their house. Install a fire alarm in your home for the safety of you and your family if a fire does start in your house. This also may notify you at a stage where a fire is contained in a certain area and you can still extinguish it.

If a fire does cause damage in your home then you can call Fireservice Disaster Kleenup 24/7 7 days a year. We can restore your home and save many precious items which may otherwise be lost to the fire.

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What Should You Do If You’re Struck By a Flood?

You might not want to think about it, but if you are in a location at risk of flood damage – you need to be prepared! Luckily it is possible to call Fireservice Disaster Kleenup to come out and restore your property to its former glory if you’re struck by a flood. But it is important to be prepared to act quickly so that you remain safe despite the hazardous conditions.

In today’s post we will look through the most important things for you to do if you’re struck by a flood.

#1 Prepare!

Obviously, this comes before the flood strikes. But a well known saying is “prevention is better than cure” and that is Struck By a Flood
certainly the case when it comes to a flood. If you are in an area which there is a possibility of flooding you must ensure that you have insurance to cover you in the case of floods.

Make sure that you are up to date with all flooding forecast in your area so that you can move important documents to higher ground and safeguard any electrical equipment if a flood is forecast. If you are in an area which suffers from regular flooding then you will want to be prepared by storing all important documents on higher ground in case you’re struck by a flood.

#2 Stay Safe!

Make sure you heed any warnings from the authorities and evacuate when you are told to do so if you’re struck by a flood. What Should You Do If You're Struck By a FloodIf you do not listen to these warnings you may put you and your family in danger. Always follow the route specified by officials and never take a shortcut. If you have time, leave a note informing people when you left and where you have gone.

Never, ever cross a flooded area. Flood water is very fast moving and if you are on foot it may sweep you away. If you are
in a car you may be swept away by the fast water or your car may get stuck if you attempt to drive through flood waters. Flood water is dangerous, keep away from it!

#3 Going Back Home

Only re-enter your home when the authorities tell you it is safe for you to do so. Get in touch with your insurance as quickly as possible – even during big disasters, most insurance companies have time limits on claims. Get in touch with a clean up service like Fireservice Disaster Kleenup to assess the damage to your home and to start the process of restoring your home.


If you’re struck by a flood, you will often be unaware of what you should do. You need to be prepared and you must take all advice given to you by the authorities in order to keep you safe. Remember to put people before property and, even if there may be damage to your possessions, you need to get out quickly when floods strike. Keep in mind that property damage can be fixed much easier than injuries sustained by people during floods.

Once you are back in your home, get in touch with your insurance as quickly as possible. Once you have done this you can start to arrange for everything to be fixed up by a clean up team.

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Yes! You Can Rebuild Your Home After Damage

After you have suffered through a disaster you still need to suffer through the sinking feeling that you need to rebuild your home again. Rooftop damage, electrical damage and damage to flooring can all be caused in an instant – and how can you possibly know where to start with the repairs.

Thankfully, it is possible to rebuild your home after a disaster – as long as you have the right team. In this post we’re going to tell you how you can rebuild your home after damage and that doing so is not as difficult as you might think!

What Do You Do When Your Home Is Damaged?Yes You Can Rebuild Your Home After Damage

When you first see the extent of the damage on your home it can be very easy to just want to lock yourself in a room and cry! But the best thing to do is get straight onto people with the experience to help you assess the damage on your home and help you fix it. Once you know what needs fixing you can start to arrange for an experienced team to start to rebuild your home.

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup are an experienced team who can work on roofing, plumbing, air conditioning and so much more. Check out the Rebuild section of our website for more. You can call any time of the day, any day of the week to inquire about a quote.

How Do You Arrange With Insurance?

One of the toughest (but most important) steps is filing a claim with your insurers. You want to do this as quickly as possible because most insurance companies require you file your claim within a specified time period. This is the case even if you have been caught up in a major disaster, so don’t delay – get your claim filed today.

Before you arrange for anyone to come out and start cleaning up any of your home, take photos of the damage. This can be important if the insurance company dispute anything with your claim and is good practise if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Make sure that the kind of damage that you are claiming for is covered by your policy. Some policies will not cover you for flood damage – if you think you may be hit by a flood, you need to get some kind of flood insurance in place.


Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do when you are struck by a disaster – and calling the insurance might not be the first thing on your mind! But if you make that call as quickly as possible then get someone out to help you understand how you can start to rebuild your home, you can get things back to normal again. Fireservice Disaster Kleenup are available 24/7, 365 days a year and are more than happy to assist you in getting your home back to the way it should be!

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Crime Scene Cleanup – It’s Important to Do It Right!

Most people don’t consider the impact of crime scene cleanup until their property becomes the scene of a crime. At this point it ends up becoming a huge rush to decide “what do we do” and to find out who is capable of carrying out the clean up.

Although it is something we don’t usually want to think about, it is important to be prepared in case a property you own is ever struck by crime. It is usually the responsibility of the victim of the crime who needs to arrange to clean everything up, as unfair as that sounds! In this situation you will need to quickly get the right people out who can carry out crime scene cleanup quickly, safely and efficiently.

It Can Be Dangerous If Not Done Correctly

Crime Scene Cleanup – It's Important to Do It Right!As part of the police investigation into any crime police forces will usually dust the area for fingerprints. It is important that after they do this you arrange someone to clean up the scene of the crime as soon as possible. It can be very difficult to properly remove all of the residue left behind from fingerprint powder, which is why you need professionals to remove it.

It is also likely that there will be a lot of hidden biohazards which you may not notice if you attempt the crime scene cleanup on your own. This is especially true in the case of violent crimes where there may be blood and bodily fluids left behind at the scene. Once dried, molecules can become airborne and attach to the fingerprint dust. This can be incredibly dangerous as these molecules may contain deadly bio-organisms which can be ingested.

For this reason you do not want to risk cleaning the scene yourself, it is much better to hire a professional crime scene cleanup team like Fireservice Disaster Kleenup.

It’s Not An Easy Job!

Getting your property back to the condition it was in before the crime took place is the ultimate goal for any home owner Crime Scene Cleanup – It's Important to Do It Right!who suffers a crime in their property. You will probably drive yourself crazy trying to get everything back into perfect condition if you try to do it yourself. So the question is not whether you should hire someone to restore everything to the way it was pre-crime, but who you should hire!

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup has over 40 years of experience in the area of crime scene cleanup. The portion of our website dedicated to Bio Hazardous Cleanup tells you more about our areas of expertise. If you need someone to restore your property back to the way it was before the crime took place then you should definitely give us a call.


When a crime takes place at any property you own then you will often feel aggrieved when you find out that you are responsible for the cleanup. You do not want to attempt to carry out the crime scene cleanup on your own!

If this happens to you then you need to pick up the phone and call a team with the expertise to safely clean up the crime scene. You can call Fireservice Disaster Kleenup whenever you need us – we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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