Why Biohazard Cleanup Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow

Biohazard cleanup is not something many people ever need to think about, but it will become incredibly important if you ever need it. If you end up in the awful position where you need biohazard cleanup in Fort Myers, Naples, Charlotte, and Sarasota Florida then you need to read this post.

As most people never need biohazard cleanup, they don’t realize how quickly they need to call someone out when they need it. But read on and you will see why biohazard cleanup can’t wait till tomorrow.

You Do Not Want to Touch Blood or Bodily Fluids!600px-Biohazard.svg

If you have blood or bodily fluids around, you do not want to risk touching it. There are lots of different health issues, such as HIV and hepatits C – which can be caught if you touch blood or bodily fluids.

In these circumstances you need to invite our professionals to your home immediately. Fireservice Disaster Kleenup has all of the equipment needed to clear everything up safely and efficiently. Pick the phone up as soon as you know you need biohazard cleanup services, we’re available right when you need us most – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Possible Forgotten Items

If a building needs to be cleaned up because of hoarding situations then you have to be very careful. There can be a lot of hazards hidden in stacks of belongings around the house. You do not want to risk putting your hand into hazards like needles which could accidentally pierce through your skin. It is best to get an experienced hand to deal with the potential hazards that can be found around the home.

Animal Waste Can Be Dangerous

640px-Animal-hoarding-of-rabbitsAnimal waste can be incredibly harmful to people who are exposed to it, for that reason it is important to clean it up immediately. Dogs are common carriers of many diseases, including Tapeworms and Campylobacteriosis. Some cats are known to carry a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii which is found in their waste and can spread a disease called toxoplasmosis.

If a home has been left for a while or if it is being cleaned up because of hoarding there could be animal waste all around the home. It is often not safe for people to clear up the home in case they are exposed to the animal waste. In these situations you need to get a professional out to your home with the right equipment to clear up the waste safely.


Whenever there is a situation which requires biohazard cleanup, it is important to get it done as quickly as possible. You do not want to risk exposing yourself, your friends or your family to the possible hazards around your home. Call a professional team out as soon as possible to deal with the biohazards quickly and safely. The professional team at Fireservice Disaster Kleenup are available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Call us today!

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3 Ways Smoke Damage Can Ruin Your Home

So the fire has been put out, the home looks OK, there wasn’t too much damage – you must be over the worst part of it now, right?


If you cleared the house up on your own there is a good chance that you only cleaned up the visible part of the fire. There Fire_close_up_texturecould be invisible damage still lurking in your home – smoke damage. Although you can’t see it, it can cause as much damage as the fire itself and it needs to be dealt with.

It isn’t easy to remove smoke damage from your home unless you have the right supplies, which are only usually available to professionals. In case you’re in any doubt as to how important it is to remove smoke damage – this article will look at 3 ways smoke damage can ruin your home.

#1 Smoke Damage Can Cause a Terrible Smell

While everyone enjoys the smokey smell of a BBQ – no-one likes their house to smell of smoke. Have you ever walked into the home of someone who regularly smokes indoors? You can smell the smoke which has embedded itself in the walls and carpet – and it doesn’t smell good!

If you don’t remove smoke damage from your home, you may just find a similar terrible smell plaguing your home.

#2 Smoke Damage Can Damage Your Possessions

Smoke leaves behind an acidic residue which coats your home. This leaves the terrible smell and can also lead to more visible smoke damage in other areas of your home.

As wood is usually porous it is extremely likely to absorb the smoke causing odors and stains – this means wooden tables, shelves, chairs, etc are at risk of damage if it is not fully cleared. Carpets and curtains are also likely to absorb the smoke and leave you at risk of smoke damage.

2605236591_0a2d5a6f82_zAs bad as these are, they can often be easily replaced, but if you have a large book collection or artwork in your home – they can be much harder to replace. Smoke can cause discoloration in the pages of your books and irreversible damage if the the smoke isn’t cleared correctly.

#3 Smoke Damage Can Damage Your Health

The tiny smoke particles will end up getting everywhere in your home, including into the ducts and vents. Breathing these particles in is not good for your health at all. It can cause irritation in the lungs and it may cause scarring of the alveoli.

You do not want to put yourself and your family at risk of long term lung problems from something which is so preventable. Keep everyone safe by getting a professional out to make sure your house is completely free of smoke damage.


When your home is struck by fire it can be tempting to simply be relieved when the fire is put out, especially if there doesn’t appear to be too much damage. But you still need a professional to come out and make sure there is no smoke damage. If you leave the smoke to settle you can not only ruin your home and your possessions, but you may be putting you and your family at risk. Fireservice Disaster Kleenup can restore your home after fire damage and ensure that your home is safe from smoke damage.

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Why You Must Check For Storm Damage

The experience of a strong storm can be very alarming for most people. The sound of crashes and bangs, the feeling of gale force winds, and heavy rain potentially causing floods are always a cause for concern. But there is one other cause for concern you must pay full attention to – storm damage.

After a storm hits most people will focus on making sure they are safe and their property is completely safe! But you must check for storm damage as quickly as possible – and this is why!

Your Roof Could Be Damaged!

If you take a quick look at your house and all looks OK then you may not notice the big problem that lies overhead – your 2760644_da5747deroof! If your roof is damaged then you it can cause all sorts of problems with water leaking into your home. Ignoring the potential damage isn’t an option either, as the longer you leave it the worse it will get!

Now don’t go grabbing that ladder out of your shed – I certainly don’t recommend climbing up onto your roof to check for storm damage. It is often better to examine your roof from an adjacent building through binoculars or to check inside your loft to see if there are any signs of water damage.

Leaving this for too long can leave your home at risk of worse damage, especially if you are struck by another storm. If you cannot conclusively work out of there is damage on your roof then it is important to call out a professional to check for storm damage so that you can be absolutely certain.

So You Can Claim on Insurance

If you don’t find the damage to your home then you may have trouble with your insurers at a later date. Your insurance company will want to know when damage was caused and also what it was caused by. Not knowing for certain the answer to either of these questions may hurt a claim at a later date – especially if your insurers suspect that the damage was caused by something they don’t cover you for.

It is important to check for storm damage as soon after a storm as possible. You want to take photos of any damage as you find it and before there is any attempt to clear the area up. Any photographs can be used to support your claim when it is made and will help to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

For Complete Piece of Mind

Rolling-thunder-cloudThe main hope for you when you check around your house is that you find no damage whatsoever. You want to finish searching around your house then sit down, put your feet up and forget all about the storm. Unfortunately for the many numbers of people who do suffer storm damage each year, it is possible that you won’t be so lucky.

But if you ensure that you check for storm damage after any storm, you can have piece of mind whether there is damage or not. If you don’t find damage then you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the storm is over. On the other hand, if you do find damage you can call up Fireservice Disaster Kleenup and our experienced team will come out and repair it for you.

Image: John Kerstholt, M J Richardson

When It Comes to Mold Growth, Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you suffer a flood in your house then there are a lot of things you need to worry about. One of the first things on your mind must be working out how to keep your stuff safe! But there are a few other things you need to think about – especially when it comes to the long term safety of your home. One of the most important of these things is the possibility of mold growth infesting your home!

How Quickly Can I End Up With Mold Growth?

You don’t have long after a flood strikes for your home to end up with signs of mold growth so you need to act fast! Mold can start to grow between 24-48 hours after a flood. It will usually show up in carpets very quickly, especially old carpets where dirt can provide a food source for the mold.

However, don’t think that you are safe if you pass through a couple of days without actually seeing mold. Much of the time Asthma_inhaler_usethe mold will be microscopic at this point and it may take a few weeks before the mold is visible to the naked eye.

What Are The Dangers From Mold?

It isn’t just the fact that mold looks and smells unpleasant which should encourage you to get rid of it ASAP. There are also dangers caused by exposure to mold which can impact your health regardless of whether you can see it or not. The most benign health impacts of mold are the mild allergy symptoms which you may experience – such as coughing and a runny nose.

But the impact of mold can be much more dangerous if it left untreated for too long. Damp environments are perfect conditions for mold to thrive and multiply. Firstly, mold and damp conditions in general have been found to cause respiratory problems such as asthma. Secondly, people who currently have lung disease may be at risk of developing mold infection in their lungs. Finally, people with a compromised immune system – for example, people undergoing chemotherapy or with a HIV/AIDS infection – are especially at risk of health problems.

How Do I Prevent Mold Spreading?

Floodwater needs to be removed from your home as quickly as possible. The sooner the house is dry the more chance you Mold_Remediationhave of minimizing the risk of mold growth. The most effective way that you can ensure that your home is dry is to get the experts in! You should call Fireservice Disaster Kleenup to get your house free of water as quickly as possible. This is the best way to reduce, or even eradicate, the risk of a mold problem.

What If It’s Too Late?

All is not lost if mold has already started to grow in your home, but if it has got to this point then you need to ensure that you call in the professionals. Mold removal is not something you want to leave to people who do not know what they are doing

Once you notice that mold is spreading your first action needs to be to call out Fireservice Disaster Kleenup. Our experienced professionals will take care of the problem for you an restore your home to its perfect condition. We will remove the mold from your home and leave you safe in the knowledge that you and your family are safe from any mold related health problems!

5 Reasons to Use a Fire Restoration Company

There’s nothing worse than the moment that a fire strikes your home or business… apart from dealing with the fire damage afterwards. If your home or business has been unfortunate enough to be heavily damaged by a fire then you need to choose the right people to perform fire restoration services for you.

It’s important that you recognize straight away that a DIY approach is not going to be enough to get everything back up to8992-close-up-of-a-fire-pv scratch! But if you aren’t going to fix it then whose help should you enlist to sort everything out? In this article we’ll look at 5 reasons why you should use a fire restoration company.

You Will Avoid The Heartache

It isn’t just the physical damage of the fire which is destructive. If you choose to clear up the damage yourself then you have to be prepared to find damaged photographs and items which you might have forgotten about but carry a huge emotional significance to you. Finding these items will be a very painful experience for you to go through. It is much better to avoid these moments by allowing someone else to deal with the cleanup so that you can start planning for the future.

You Will Save Whatever Can Be Saved

While some items will be impossible to save, you want to give those items which have a chance of survival the best opportunity to make it. The items which have just about escaped fire damage need to be handled with care by someone who knows what they are doing. You have the best chance of saving your prized possessions if a fire restoration expert is the first person who handles it.

You Can Protect Your Home From Unseen Damage

Fire restoration companies don’t just restore your home from the damage the flames cause – they also protect it from the damage of smoke. The long term damage of smoke can stick around long after it settles and is no longer visible. Once the smoke settles it can leave behind particles which embed into the walls, carpets, and all of your other belongings.

House_fire_in_Beaver_Falls,_rearIf these aren’t fully cleaned they can leave behind very unpleasant odors and potentially cause long-term health problems. Don’t take a chance, call Fireservice Disaster Kleenup and make sure that all of the smoke particles are fully removed from your home.

You Can Protect Your Home From Water Too

It isn’t just fire and smoke which cause damage to your home, the steps taken to put out the fire can cause damage too. Think of all of the water used to put out the flames and consider what kind of damage that my cause to your home. You need to give us a call to take care of the moisture left behind so you don’t end up with mold and all sorts of other nasty problems.

We Can Provide Fire Restoration Whenever You Need Us

Fire can strike at any time so you need to act fast and make sure that you can save as much as possible. Fireservice Disaster Kleenup offer a 24 hour service in Fort Myres, Naples, Charlotte and Sarasota. If you need help from our fire restoration service give us a call – quickly! We will work with you and your insurance so that we can get to work on the fire restoration quickly whenever you need it.

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Holiday Season. Fire Safety Season.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with the joys of the season come gatherings, meals, and time spent with family and friends. As many people gather to celebrate, the opportunities for distraction and mishaps in the kitchen, at the grills and with those favorite turkey fryers increases. image2387681x

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup is a family owned and operated company that started over 43 years ago here in Southwest Florida and is here to serve your needs today.

We tend to see an increase of fires that cause great damage to homes during this time of year. Many of those disasters can be avoided by staying attentive in the kitchen and at the grill. When cooking for your family and friends, make sure that you remain in the kitchen or with the cooking devices instead of sitting in other rooms talking with friends and playing games.

If you are in the other room away from the stove/oven, then the only way you know if something is burning is when the smoke advances to the room you are in. By then, the fire may have already engulfed the entire area and caused damage. Remember to blow out your candles as well before you leave the house.
We hope you make many fun memories this holiday season but remember to always be careful when you are cooking or gathering with friends to avoid any fire or water disasters.

If you do have an issue with water damage, mold, smoke or fire, let Fireservice Disaster Kleenup be the company that you call to help get your house back to pre-damaged condition.

Food and Kitchen Safety in SW Florida

stinky-fridge-Gener_802270aThis time of the year many of our northern friends come down to Florida to find a bigger mess than they had planned for. One such situation is that they arrive to find either their refrigerator or the spare freezer they have in their garage has failed due to lightning strikes, power surges, or just plain failures. The contents of these appliances, such as frozen meat and seafood, leak out and cause disgusting protein odors.

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup has 43 years of experience handling extreme odors and treating the affected areas. We have the ability to decide if the appliances can be treated or need to be replaced due to the odors penetrating the plastic. We have the experience necessary to find the odor that may have traveled underneath cabinets, flooring, or base molding. We are a licensed general contractor, which makes us able to provide cleaning and repair to restore the property to pre-loss condition.

So whatever serious or smelly situation you might find yourself in, do not hesitate to call Fireservice Disaster Kleenup at any of our three locations, Ft Myers, Naples and North Port.

Our office phone number is: 239-936-1033 or Greg’s cell number: 239-826-0217

Greg Frith, Customer Advocate

Mold Months- Don’t Be a Victim

The reason that we call October and November the “Mold Months” is because Fireservice has been around for forty three years and we have seen a trend in those months. In those months our company looks at more mold claims than any other time during the year. Since working for Fireservice, I have seen numerous situations with mold, and these and the most common and misunderstood situations.

Firstly, the problem isn’t mold; it is the excess moisture that causes mold growth. The most common excess moisture problems are as stated:

1. Outside Water Intrusion- such as a roof leak or a window leak

2. Plumbing leaks- such as sinks, AC lines, and toilets

3. Water Intrusion from Unit Above- the unit above has a plumbing leak and gravity always pulls the excess moisture down

4. Improper AC setting- this can cause excess moisture in the air

The first three moisture problems are mostly covered by insurance if there is proof of water intrusion that can be seen by the Insurance Adjuster. However, that last moisture issue is considered to be negligence on the owner’s part for not setting the AC at a proper level to control the moisture in the air.

So whichever circumstance you come across, we at Fireservice still believe in a common sense approach. In the state of FL (Ft Myers, Naples & North Port), Fireservice will always come out and give the consumer fair and honest advice that will help them remedy their mold situation. If you have any questions about mold please call my office at 239-936-1033 or my cell phone at 239-826-0217

Greg Frith, Fireservice Disaster Kleenup

More bang for your Buck!

If I offer you two different products for the same price but one was significantly better, would you not jump at the one that was better? Same price, better service, better product, better warranty, better everything! What is the catch you say? There is absolutely no catch.customer-service

This is how it is when you call me at Fireservice. Our prices are industry standard but everything else is leaps and bounds better. We strive to exceed your expectations in everything we do.

Whether it’s just a phone call for advice, a courtesy check or a major water damage or mold job, we want to “wow” you with everything we do.

How can I take advantage of this great offer you say? Just give me a call and see how I cater to your every need. I am here for you and your clients. To service you and you clients in the time of need. Water damage, mold damage, fire damage, or maybe you just need to talk.

I am a listening ear to help your problems go away. Give me a call today and see how good you will have it!

Gene Pigott
Fireservice Disaster Kleenup

Director of Marketing