9 Common Causes of House Fires That You Can Prevent

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup sees many fires in Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, North Port and all surrounding areas almost every single day.

This time a year, a lot of the fires are caused by a lightning strike. Lightning is not something you can prevent;  however, here are some of the top other causes of house fires that you can prevent.

fire-damage-cleanup-fireservice-fort-myers-naples-cape-coral-north-port-charlotte1. Cooking Equipment– Make sure that you are using the correct size pots and pans for cooking. Do not leave things on the stove and make sure that the surrounding countertops are clean from paper towels, cloths or oven mitts. If you can’t cook without the smoke detectors going off then pick up take out for the family. I promise they would rather have take out anyways.

2. Careless Smoking– My suggestion is if you are going to smoke then try to do it outside and put you cigarette butts in a wet container. If you are going to smoke inside do so standing or sitting up. We see when people smoke laying in bed or couch that they can fall asleep holding on to the lit cigarette causing a fire to ignite.  Imagine the look on your friends face when you have to tell them that the fire and burnt hair is your fault cause you were smoking.

3. Electrical Equipment– This can be anything that you plug into a wall. Make sure that all the plugs are in good condition and items are powered off when not in use. If electrical item gets warm when not in use unplug and avoid from using.

4. Candles– Limit candle use and make sure that the candles are blown out before you leave or go to sleep. Suggestion that I do is to lay my car keys or phone beside the candle so that I have to see the candle before I leave. A blown out Cucumber Melon candle smells a lot better than chard kitchen cabinets.

5. Children Playing with Fire– Make sure that your kids know fire safety. Also try to keep all lighters and matches out of children’s reach.

6. Inadequate Wiring– If your lights flicker or get dimmer when certain appliances are in use , then have a licensed electrician come and inspect the issue. (Not a handy husband that thinks he knows what the issue is)

7. Flammable liquids– Store all flammable liquids and cleaners in a good location with approved containers.

8. Christmas Tree/Decorations– Keep your tree watered daily. Make sure to inspect lights and wires before hanging them up. If wires , plugs or lights are damaged just dispose of them. Also, do not over load the breakers trying to be the Clark Griswold of the neighborhood.

9. Barbecues– Clean all removable parts with soapy water. Make sure that when grilling that do it away from the house, not under tree branches and as bad as it feels to even have to say it, do not grill indoors.

Fireservice Disaster Kleenup wants everyone to be safe. Make sure that you and your family have a plan if a fire does happen. Call 911 first and then call your local Fireservice Disaster Kleenup office in Naples, Fort Myers or North Port.

-Jamey Nassef

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